1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, All Breed CKC Agility Trials

Mon, 18 Sep 2000
From: Emily Venator <venhambeardedcollies@home.com>
BCCC Agility Trials

Hello all

Well, the dust has finally settled after a busy summer for both Glenn and myself, starting with the ESPN Great Outdoor Games in July, then quickly moving on to the highlight of Canadian Agility for Beardies in August. Then capping it off with last weekends flyball tournament hosted by our own Some Ruff Competition.

Without further ado, here's the scoop on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, All Breed CKC Agility Trials hosted by the Bearded Collie Club of Canada, August 12th and 13th, 2000. I hope that the delay in posting has caused the anticipation to build in all of you.

The Venue was the picturesque Lakeview Park, in Oshawa Ontario. Our agility ring was set just meters from the shores of Lake Ontario in a well treed area. Providing both shade and breeze for the two days of trials. Lakeview Park is a public access park, and we had lots of spectators for all four trials. Glenn & I provided the "security" on Saturday evening, and spent a lot of our "free time" explaining agility to interested visitors who all showed up on Sunday to spectate.

The Judges were Shane McConnell, and Lisa Layton, both from Ohio, and both highly qualified in the sport of agility. Sunday's judge would be the first to award a CKC Agility Excellent title on two dogs! There course design had a few twists thrown in, a number of large trees and a sewer grate provided extra challenges for both of our judges, but seemed to provide to additional challenge for the dogs or their handlers.

Our special guest on Saturday was Mrs. Thora Brown, the CKC representative for Eastern Ontario. These were to be Thora's first agility trials, and to say that she was impressed by the venue, trials,
organization, and above all the competitors would be an understatement. She spent all day Saturday watching some of the top competitors in Canada, taking photographs, and notes for an upcoming article she has planned for the Dogs In Canada publication. Sunday our guest was Darlene Scott, from the Agility Event staff at the CKC. Our trials were also the first for Darlene, who is the course evaluator for the CKC.

Beardies were out in force, the highest number of entries came from our breed, eleven in total. As there is no grand fathering in the CKC program all Beards had to start in Novice, this ruling saw newbies in the sport competing with the seasoned pros. We had two entries in Novice A, and nine in Novice B, there were also two beardie wanna be's handled by BAD members. Out in force were Elaine O'Carroll with Rory, Kelly Canham with Kelsey, Toni Tuck with Patti, (and Emmi the Cavalier), Dottie Hamblin with Nellie, Teri Flemming with Paisley, Sharon Dunsmore with Devlin and Shae Lynn, Sharon Worsley with Bentley, Leslie Dawson-North with Kassi and Chase, and Mark Bibeau with Mindy.

Move ups were permitted between trials, so dogs that came into the event with legs could move up to the next level. Those dogs earning three legs at the BCCC events would be allowed to move up to Intermediate for the Sunday afternoon trial at the handlers request.

Pewter Picture Frames for that winning photo, and hand painted trophies by Connie Krohn were award in each trial to the Beardies who qualifiedin Novice A, Novice B, and Sunday afternoon in Intermediate. If you haven't seen Connie's work you are missing something quite exquisite.

Now for the results:

 Trial #1  August 12th      
 Novice A  No qualifiers      
 Novice B  Leslie Dawson-North  Chase  100  20" High Beardie
 Additional Q's  Leslie Dawson-North  Kassi  100  
   Toni Tuck  Patty  100  
   Dottie Hamblin  Nellie  100  
   Sharon Worsley  Bentley  100  
   Sharon Dunsmore  Devlin   85  
 Trial # 2  August 12th      
 Novice A  Elaine O'Carroll  Rory   100  20" High Novice A
 Novice B  Leslie Dawson-North  Kassi   100  20" High Novice B
   Leslie Dawson-North  Chase   100  
   Marc Bibeau  Mindy   100  
   Toni Tuck  Patty   100  
   Sharon Worsley  Bentley   100  
 Trial # 3        
 Novice A  No Qualifiers      
 Novice B  Leslie Dawson-North  Kassi  100  20" High Novice B
   Leslie Dawson-North  Chase  100  
   Toni Tuck  Patty  100  
   Marc Bibeau  Mindy  100  
   Sharon Dunsmore  Devlin   95  
   Sharon Worsley  Bentley   95  
   Dottie Hamblin  Nellie   95  
 Trial # 4        
 Novice A  No Qualifiers      
 Novice B  No Qualifiers      
 Intermediate  Sharon Worsley  Bentley   100  

Kassi, Chase, Bentley and Patty all earned AG.N titles!  As Toni has already written Patty earned her retirement with a spectacular run.  Our congratulations to this outstanding team!

Our sincere thanks to all of those BCCC members, and Beardie owned handlers who helped out in a variety of ways, Dottie, Toni, and Teri who worked the table, and a number of other tasks. The Sharon's who scribed, timed, and kept the gate. Leslie and her mom Shirley who scribed, timed, and set courses. Marc Bibeau from Quebec, for filling in as a bar setter.

Special thanks to Casilda Halter who was Teri's traveling companion, and who worked effortlessly as a scribe.

Kelly Canham, who at her first agility trial learned a lot. Kelly was the gate steward, chute fixer, and the winner of the ice cream vendor's award for being the handler of the "Beardie with the Most
Heart". Kelsey was having a great time, and did manage to master the tire!

Words of thanks are not enough for Elaine O'Carroll, who was always there when we needed her. Elaine put in her time in the ring, and then was one of the last to leave on Sunday evening after all was said and done. Thanks Elaine, display that trophy! Kevin Grew made her return to the agility field, (Kevin and Hal were original members of the all Beardie agility team, the Kamikaze Air Beardies). Kevin assures us that she'll be competing at next years event. Sorry about the directions Kevin!

It is the volunteers, competitors, and spectators that make agility exciting. Amongst the competitors we had AKC National winners, and we had the first, and second dogs to earn CKC Agility Masters titles!

Gail Laughlin, with all you had to do as the Show Chair for the National, you still kept a smile on your face, and found time to help us out!

In addition to BCCC members, and Beardie owners, there were a number of volunteers who made these events as successful as they were. Thanks to Dr. Claire Duder, for all her help on Friday evening. Leslye Kosmowski for all her help at the Scoring table. Sharon Palmer and Heather Taylor for all of your assistance inside and outside of the ring. Jutta Hammermueller, and Marcia Halliday for being there to answer any and all questions that arose in the planning stages of this event. Jennifer and Michelle Deslauriers (yes there were two of them)
for all of their help in the ring, outside of the ring, and after the ring was emptied. Shelley Peck, Gary Krausar, Angela Hanson for your help with Emma, errands, and photos. Everyone else who was there, and who helped to make the BCCC trials a success thank you.

We look forward to seeing all of you next year!

Emily Venator Trial Secretary
Glenn Hamilton Trial Chairperson

P.S. The marriage survived:.)

The Bearded Collie Club of Canada's Agility Page

In a message dated 9/28/00 9:06:35 AM, venham@home.com writes:

Here's the title information that you requested for the CKC program
taken from page 23 & 24 of the CKC Agility Rules and Regulations.

Agility Novice Title AG.N.
Agility Intermediate Title AG.I.
Agility Excellent Title AG.X.
Agility Master Title AG.M.X.

Yes, there are periods included after the last initial of the title. Go figure!

Hope this helps.

Glenn Hamilton

BAD Members of Canada:

Kelly Canham of Ontario, Canada (Cameron)
Kelsey-Ch Cameron's Kincurran Kelsey HIC, TDI, CGC-3/3/92
Leslie Dawson-North of Wabigoon, Ontario
Chase-Can Ch/ADCH Bedlam's Catch Me If You Can, MX, MXJ, MADC, AG.I, Am/Can CDX, HIC, FM, CGC
Kassi-Can Ch/OTCH Buaidh Mithandril Xerox O'Jen, MX, MXJ, MAD, JM, RM, MADC, MSN, AG.I, Am CD, HIC, FbDCH, CGC
Koddi-Bedlam's Yumpin' Yiminny, OA, AAD, JM, AADC, Can CD, HIC, FM, TT, CGC
Moxie-Aceilidh Thrill of the Chase
Sharon Dunsmore of Pickering, Ontario, Canada (Kinkurran)
Devlin-Ch Pinewood Devil in Disquise, NA, ADC, CDX, CGC
Emily Venator & Glenn Hamilton of Innisfil, Ontario, Canada (Venham)
Denia-Can/Am Ch Melville's Poetry in Motion, OA, NAC, NJC, ADC, HIC, FMX, CGC, TT, VA
Hope-Can Ch Pandamonium Hopelessly Devoted, NA, FbDCH, CDC
Rhys-Can Ch Venham's Breath of a Scandal, HIC
Sharon Worsley of Cameron, Ontario, Canada
Shellby-Betty's Mystical Shellby, CD, CGC (Canadian)
Bentley-Can Ch Autumnlane's Sterling Strength, NA, AG.N, ADC, CD, CGC
Columbus-Can Ch Autumnlane's I'm Here To Stay

BAD-Canadians-Kassi and Chase, Denia, Hope, and Rhys, Devlin, Kelsey and Elvis

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