BAD Attitude

Poem for a Cold, Rainy Agility Day

Another day,
Another meet,
Another Beardie
with dirty feet!

But it's all for fun,
And fun for all.
So we run Agility
And have a ball.

No matter how cold,
No matter how wet.
We'll be at the next show.
On this you can bet.

For it's not the ribbons,
It's not the prize,
It's the joyful expression
In our Beardie's eyes.

by Gretchen "the Grape" Blackburn

"Another Beardie with dirty feet!"

(photo Courtesy of Bill Newcomb)

Charles Gibson's Poem to Karen Norteman

on the Third Anniversary of our Website - 1 January 2001



The magic of your inspiration worked just right,
for founder Libby created a prime web site.
Too serious the nay sayers that scoffed the name,
disguised the envy of enthusiasm untamed.

Now success has heralded from far and wide,
for no better web would one find:
to view bounding Beardies with their growing stats,
stories of trialing, training, advice, and all that.

Hear so clear the greatful lassies and lads,
exalt their cheer ringing ever glad:

"Sometimes we NQ and we're sad,
Or a call is wrong and we're mad!
But when we get online and look at our pages,
We're so damn happy to be BAD!!"


-charles gibson and Mikie


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BAD Brags and Stories

Here you'll find stories of BAD adventures, brags, and other BAD-related
yarns. Email us if you have a BAD tale that you think people would like to
read. We welcome brags and will try to get them online as soon as we
possibly can. We'll keep them posted here for as long as space permits.

Holiday Fun!

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