High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy

in Honor of Mirage

Sponsored by Beth White


Ch Firstprizebears Las Vegas


Handled by Beth White

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 1998


Ch MACH Balgrae's Sean Mackay


Handled by Joanne Williamson

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 1999

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 2000


MACH5/ADCH/SACH Anasazi Secret of the Wizard


Handled by Sarah Halsey of Fallbrook, CA

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 2001

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 2002

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 2003

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 2004

Jumpers with Weaves Trophy 2005

The "High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy" in Honor of Mirage

Proposed by Beth White with the approval of the BCCA Agility Committee

In 1998 AKC introduced a new type of agility, Jumpers with Weaves. That year Beth Canner sponsored the Ryan Awards to encourage and honor achievement in Jumpers with Weaves at each competition level from Novice A through Excellent B. Since then the sport has grown enormously. Currently we have 11 Beardies with Jumpers Masters titles and about 200 in competition overall. As our Agility Beardies become ever more proficient, the BCCA Agility Committee sees the need for a High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy, comparable to the Denia Award for Standard Agility, to acknowledge the Beardie with the most outstanding achievement in Jumpers with Weaves each year. In 1999 Beth White's Mirage, Ch Firstprizebears Las Vegas, OA, AXJ, NAC, NJC, PT, HCT, CGC, VX was "unofficially" awarded a Ryan Award for the highest cumulative achievement in 1998. Mirage was the first Beardie ever to earn the Novice, Open, and Excellent A titles all in one calendar year. She also had the highest number of Front and Finish points for that year. No highest award was given in 2000 for 1999. Beth White has offered to sponsor a permanent "High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy" in honor of Mirage.

The "High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy" in Honor of Mirage is formulated to be the top Jumpers with Weaves Trophy in the BCCA/AKC Agility Program. It is meant to award the Bearded Collie with the most outstanding performance in a given calendar year.

This Trophy is proposed by and will be financed by Beth White.

It is currently Beth's plan that it will be designed by John Stanbridge. John and Beth are working together on the design so as not to duplicate the Denia or the Diehard Trophy. Durability will be taken into account. The design and further details will be voted on in a few months.

Beth and the BCCA Agility Committee would like the High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy to be awarded retroactively until 1998, the first year that Jumpers with Weaves was introduced.


Beth White has worked with Libby Myers-Buhite, BCCA Agility Chair, and Karen Barratt, BCCA Agility Co-Chair, with the backing of the BCCA Agility Committee, to devise a system to award a " High in Jumpers with Weaves Trophy" based on everything it takes to be a truly fine Jumping Beardie: accuracy, speed, and performance ranking. Since Novice will be compared with Excellent, only "Clean Runs" (100 points) will be considered toward the Trophy.

Award Year: January-December, based on March to March Awards.

Mimimum Requirement:
6 "Clean" Jumpers Runs in a Calendar Year from Novice A through Excellent B.

In Novice, Open, and Excellent A, only Clean Runs toward titles will be considered. Legs beyond titles will not be counted. In Excellent B all Clean Runs will be considered.

Clean Runs (Accuracy)
"Clean Runs" are worth 5 points each.

Time Points (Speed)
1 point for each full second under Standard Course Time

Front and Finish Points (Performance Ranking)
"Front and Finish Points" are figured by counting dogs defeated, based on 1st through 4th placements.

The Beardie with the highest cumulative score wins.

Thank you all for your consideration of this Proposal.

Beth White

14 February 2001

Approved by the BCCA Board on 21 April 2001

Last updated 8 June 2004

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