2001 USDAA Grand Prix
Del Mar, California - September 20 - 23

Karen Barratt's Jet, Anne Ellefsen Dini's ADCH Olav, Martha Faulk's Molly, Sarah Halsey's Wizard, Matt Walsh's Rocky, and Sharon Williamson's Brio qualified in local Grand Prix competitions and were eligible to compete in the Regional Grand Prix competitions immediately preceding the 2001 USDAA Grand Prix of Dog Agility Championships. All but Jet attended.

Patti Bott: "The only day that I could get to Del Mar was Saturday to watch the second round of the Grand Prix. Olav, Wizard, Rocky and Brio made it to the second round. Unfortunately, each had a minor mistake that cost them a chance to run on Sunday. All four represented the Beardie community in a manner that would make everyone proud. I did get to see Wizard and Brio do the jumpers round in the Team Jumpers ring. Wizard was fast and clean and Brio entered the weave poles as only a Beardie could. She was watching Sharon for direction and sort of fell into the poles but managed to get between one and two, picked up the pace and finished like a champ. Nice run!"

Sharon Williamson: "Brio and Sam both qualified for the 2nd round, semi-finals. I was thrilled to pieces to just make it past the first round."

Sarah Halsey : "In Round 1 Wizzie was 29th out of 176 entries in the 22" division with a clean run, time of 38.63' out of 50' SCT, and so he advanced to Round 2. There, unfortunately, Wizzie's overanxious handler called him off a CORRECT jump in what otherwise was a good and fast run." -

Martha Faulk: "Molly the Muffin competed in the first round of the Grand Prix Regionals and the DAM team she was on qualified. Most impressive were her qualifying runs in Junior Elementary with Erika Union, my granddaughter, age 10. She earned a Q and first place in three classes: Standard Class, Junior Jumpers, and Junior Spotlight in the 16" division. Although she had a perfect 100 in the qualifier for the Junior Grand Prix, the four available spots went to faster rounds. We were still very proud of Molly and Erika. I do think it's nice for a Beardie to be mentioned as handled by a junior, don't you?"

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