CH Llanddona Coeur De La Mer


Jeff Wong & Alison Jayne’s Maggie

Versatility Excellent Beardie

30 May 1999 - 20 August 2014

Rainbow Bridge

Maggie was much more than my loyal companion and one of the many loves in my life. She was Hawaii’s first conformation champion with multiple group placements. Some of our favorite show memories of Maggie-- 2004-Ft. Collins Colorado, her first BCCA Nationals obedience competition she earned 1st place in Novice B and 2nd High in Trial--2006-Traveling by RV heading to our new home in Weston Mass. Stopping at our first really big dog show in Oregon, it rained cats and dogs all through that weekend and she gets soaked on the way to the ring. Judge gives Maggie BOB then turns reprimanding us with she had never put up an ungroomed dog before, so we quickly fixed that situation before heading to Herding group. That same judge upon entering the ring couldn’t stop smiling when she saw Maggie’s improvements. We got no placement but she thanked us!--2008-Essex Junction Vermont largest Novice B obedience class I had ever been a part of drew over 60 dogs, top competitors from all over the US and Canada. Maggie earned a 198 1/2 for 2nd place and our Sheltie Alex got 3rd place with a 197 1/2. When the Canadian judge complemented me saying that I had such good dogs, I was in shock. Maggie followed it up weeks later with her 1st High in Trial in North Conway, NH. I was worried to see the show schedules read BEWARE of BEARS and MOOSE.

Besides conformation obedience, agility, herding and therapy activities, Maggie was an actress and model. For Japan she did a NISSAN CUBE commercial filmed in Hawaii and a catalog spread for Kitamura Leather Handbags along with George, our first Beardie also from Pam Douglas‘s Llanddona Kennel in NZ. Here in the US, Maggie did magazine layouts for In The Company of Dogs with our Beardie Gidget, Sheltie Alex and our Toy Fox Terrier Samantha.

Maggie’s favorite love in her life was a passion for playing Frisbee through her fifteen amazing years of being here with us. I can’t count all those floppy discs that she had gone through. Alison and I and Maggie’s brothers and sisters which means our other ten dogs, 5 cats and 2 rabbits all miss her here at home, especially daughter Amanda. Now George and Maggie are joined together again looking down on us from the Rainbow Bridge…


Breeder: Mrs Pam Joy Douglas

Shilstone Domination x Llanddona Lovesong

Owners: Jeffrey C Wong and Alison W Jayne of Honolulu HI

AKC Standard Titling

11/19/05  Novice B 20" Leg 1    100     2nd/3    68.05'/70'
 7/20/08  Novice B 20" Leg 2    100     1st/6    67.34'/73'  2.44
10/15/08  Novice B 20" Leg 3     90     3rd/5    63.46'/67'  2.38  NA
10/27/08  Novice B 20" Leg 4    100              60.84'/67'  2.49
11.16/08  Open 20" Leg 1         89     3rd/3    67.96'/64'  2.49

AKC Jumpers with Weaves

 9/14/06  Novice B 20" Leg 1     97     1st/14   39.49'/36'
10/14/08  Novice B 20" Leg 2    100     1st/4    39.31'/40'  2.93

AKC Preferred Standard Titling

 9/29/04  Novice P 16" Leg 1     90     4th/6    52.69'/73'
 9/11/05  Novice P 16"-Leg 2    100     1st/4    73.62'/79' 
 9/28/05  Novice P 16"-Leg 3    100     3rd/8    61.17'/81'        NAP

AKC Preferred Jumpers with Weaves

 8/29/04  Novice P 16" Leg 1    100     1st/3    46.83'/47'
11/20/04  Novice P 16" Leg 2     95     1st/3    45.87'/46'
 9/28/05  Novice P 16"-Leg 3    100     4th/7    38.00'/44'        NJP

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