Beardies at the AKC National Championships

We are proud of twenty-seven of our member Beardies who have qualified for and/or participated in the AKC Nationals

AKC National Agility championships 1996

Penny Leigh's Tribbles - NC*

AKC National Agility Championships 1997
Chicago, Illinois - 11-12 October

Jerry Bergen's Breezy - VT*
Charles Gibson's Mikie - MI*
Ann Krafcheck's Tasha - IN*

AKC National Agility Championships 1998
Atlanta, Georgia - November 14 - 15 November

AKC National Agility Championships 1998

Atlanta, Georgia

Joanne Williamson's Sean - NJ *
Leslie Dawson-North's Chase - Ont *
Leslie Dawson-North's Kassi - Ont *
Jerry Bergen's Breezy - VT*

Chase receiving Fourth Place Trophy in the 20" Division

AKC Nationals 1998

AKC National Agility championships 1999

Denver Colorado

    Joanne Williamson's Sean - NJ
    Karen Barratt's Boo!- TX

Karen Barratt's Boo!- TX*
Joanne Williamson's Sean - NJ *

AKC National Agility Championships 2000
West Springfield, MA - 3 - 5 November

AKC National Agility Championships
West Springfield, Massachusetts
3 - 5 November 2000

Doug Klein's Maggie, handled by Jan Norikane

Joanne Williamson and Sean

Leslie Dawson-North with Chase, behind, and Kassi, in front

Jerry Bergen and Breezy

Liz Cox and Lucy

A whopping 13 Beardies qualified:
Karen Barratt's Boo! - TX
Karen Barratt's Jet - TX
Jerry Bergen's Breezy - VT*
Liz Cox's Lucy - NC *
Leslie Dawson-North's Chase - Ont *
Leslie Dawson-North's Kassi - Ont *
Charles Gibson's Mikie - MI
Doug Klein's Maggie - IL*
Ann Krafcheck's Tasha - MI
Sharon Prassa's Annie - CA
Christiana Taylor's Jake - WA
Sandy Weiss's Chip - PA
Joanne Williamson's Sean - NJ *
* The six who attended

AKC National Agility Championships 2001
Denver, Colorado - November 2 - 4

AKC Nationals - Photo from Sarah Halsey

Sarah Halsey with Impy and Wizard
Leslie Dawson-North with Kassi and Chase
Karen Barratt with Jet
Joanne Williamson with Sean and Corey

7 Beardies qualified for this year's AKC Agility Championships in the "unlimited" MX, MXJ category with four Excellent Level clean runs in both Standard and JWW:
Karen Barratt's Boo!- TX
Karen Barratt's Jet - TX*
Liz Cox's Lucy - NC
Leslie Dawson-North's Chase - Ont *
Leslie Dawson-North's Kassi - Ont *
Sarah Halsey's Wizard - CA *
Joanne Williamson's MACH Sean - NJ *
* The five who attended

AKC National Agility Championships 2002
Katy, Texas - November 1 - 3

AKC Nationals - Photo by Tien Tran

sent by David Williamson


Back Row People: Karen Barratt, Martha Faulk, and Ann Chandoha

Back Row Beardies: Chipper, Molly, Kassi

Front Row People: David Williamson, Pat Coreris, Leslie Dawson-North

Front Row Beardies: Harley, Jet, Arbi, Chase

10 Beardies qualified:
Karen Barratt's MACH Jet - TX *
Ann Chandoha's Arbi MX, MXJ - TX *
Pat Coreris' Chipper MX, MXJ - CA *
Liz Cox's Lucy-MX, MXJ - NC
Leslie Dawson-North's MACH Chase - Ont *
Leslie Dawson-North's Kassi MX, MXJ - Ont *
Martha Faulk's Molly MX, MXJ - CO *
Sarah Halsey's MACH Wizard - CA
David Williamson's Harley MX, MXJ - TX *
Sharon Williamson's Brio MX, MXJ - CA

* The seven who attended

AKC National Agility Championships 2003

Long Beach, California - December 2 - 4

AKC Nationals - Photo by Tien Tran

12 Beardies qualified:
Sarah Halsey's MACH2 Wizard - CA*
Leslie Dawson-North's MACH Chase - Ontario
Jan Vallone's Chloe, MX, MXJ -VA
Leslie Dawson-North's MACH Chase - Ontario
Carol Carlsen's Ivy Sue AX, AXJ - MI
David Williamson's MACH Harley - TX
Ann Chandoha's MACH Arbi - TX
Karen Barratt's MACH3 Jet - TX
Karen Barratt's Bud', MX, MXJ - TX
Pat Coreris' Chipper, MX, MXJ - CA*
Sharon Williamson's Brio, MX, MXJ - CA*
Jeff Ipser's Jax, MX, MXJ - OH

* The three who attended

AKC National Agility Championships 2005

Tampa, Florida - January 14-16, 2005

Jeff Ipser's Jax
Ch Wigglesworth Out On A Limb, MX, MXJ

9 Beardies qualified:

Karen Barratt's Ch MACH O'Duinnin HMT A Bud For Boo-Budweiser
Karen Barratt's MACH4 O'Duinnin HMT Sonic Boom-Jet
Patti Bott's Spindrift Risa Hot Stuff, MX, MXJ, RN-Spice
Ann Chandoha's Ch MACH O'Duinnin HMT Rhythm N Booze-Arbi
Pat Coreris' Ch Spindrift William Rikker, MX, MXJ, PT, CDX-Chipper
Sarah Halsey's MACH4 Anasazi Secret Of The Wizard-Wizard
Jeff Ipser's Ch Wigglesworth Out On A Limb, MX, MXJ-Jax*
Jill Scarborough's OTCH O'Duinnin Oh Dat Jackb Nimble, MX, MXJ, UDX-Jack
David Williamson's MACH Harley Of St John-Harley
*Only Jax and Jeff Ipser made the trip to Florida. This team had a terrific year in 2004, and came into the Nationals needing one QQ to complete their MACH. They were cheered on by a number of BCCA members including Jeff's wife Sharon, Beth Canner, Nona Albarano, Bea Sawka, Andrea Hobe, and Lori Weinberg.

AKC National Agility Championships 2006

Tampa, Florida - January 13-15, 2006


Ch Oakengates Irish Cream, MX, MXJ

In order to be eligible to compete in the AKC National Agility Championships to be held from January 13 to 15, 2006 in Tampa, Florida, a dog must have earned 300 MACH points and 6 Double Qs between November 1, 2004 and October 17, 2005.

7 teams qualified:

*Only Linda and Bailey competed in Florida.

2006 AKC Agility Invitational

December 2-3, 2006

Long Beach, CA

The AKC Agility Invitational was held in conjunction with the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship and the National Obedience Invitational in Long Beach, California, December 2 & 3, 2006.  The qualifying period for this event was July 1, 2005 through June 30, 2006. The AKC Agility Invitational invited top dogs ranked in agility events during the qualifying period and is based on the Top MACH Dog formula (Double Q's x 10 + MACH (Master Agility Championship) points).  The top five ranked agility dogs in each of the AKC recognized breeds will be invited to attend this prestigious event.  In addition, this competition will be open to the top International agility competitors in their respective countries.
Congratulations to our top eight AKC Beardies.
1. MACH5 Anasazi Secret Of The Wizard* Sarah and Doug Halsey
2. CH MACH Wigglesworth Super Sonic RN NAP NJP - Zoom Jeff and Sharon Ipser
3. MACH5 O'Duinnin HMT Sonic Boom - Jet Karen Barratt
4. OTCH MACH O'Duinnin Oh Dat Jackb Nimble UDX3 RE - Jack Jill Scarborough
5. CH MACH2 Wigglesworth Out On A Limb RN - Jax Jeff and Sharon Ipser
6. Chaniam Creag, MX, MXJ * - Rocky Lori Weinberg
6. CH MACH Oakengates Irish Cream* - Bailey Linda Porter
8. CH MACH2 O'Duinnin A Bud For Boo - Budweiser Karen Barratt
*attended the invitationals

Linda Porter and Bailey did the Beardies proud! With four clean runs, they were in 5th place overall of the 74 who ran in the 20" class. In the final round they came in 9th. Congratulations to Linda and Bailey, Lori and Rocky, Sarah and Wizzie, Jeff with Jax and Zoom, Karen with Jet and Bud, and Jill Scarborough and Jack, our top eight Invitees!

A big thanks to Lori Weinberg who sent a lovely write-up of her experiences with Rocky. "Rocky & I just got back from the Invitational. It was a real adventure. But first, I want to give a huge congratulations to Linda and Bailey. It is so impressive that they had 5 clean runs over the weekend! It was great to see a Beardie in the finals. Second, I want to congratulate Sarah and Wizzie. To see such a great team, that almost have their MACH6, is awe inspiring to Rocky and me who are struggling towards the first MACH. The support received from Patti Bott, Iris Berry and Pat Coreris was great as well. They made sure to congratulate Rocky and me at the end of our runs even when we didn't Q. That means so much.

Now for Rocky's story. Our trip to the Invitational began almost a year ago when AKC announced the new event. To get the invitation we had to be in the top 5 Beardies, a big challenge. So, we did a lot of traveling to trials. There are a few trials within a 1-2 hour driving distance, but I extended my travel to about a 5 hour distance. So, we traveled throughout IL, IN, MO, KY, TN. I had the fortune of seeing some great dog and handler teams and differing handling styles. Rocky's Q rate has improved. He was able to rack up a great number of speed points. We are still working towards the double q's. It was to my fortune that a few of the top ranked Beardies decided not to go to the Invitational, opening up a slot for Rocky.

The Invitational was held at the Convention Center. I was surprised at the number of familiar faces. People and dogs that Rocky and I have seen at trials over this last year. The briefing was really neat to hear about the variety of breeds that were represented. One thing that was different was how your runs were scored. Instead of getting a NQ you received faults. So for each wrong course, refusal, knocked bar, missed contact you received an 18 point fault. You just had to make sure that your dog completed each obstacle. Placements were determined by score first and time second.

The challenges for the big dogs were the flat presentation of jumps with some severe changes in direction and the dreaded multi-sided box! That was what got Rocky and me for most of our faults, wrong courses on the Standard runs. Then we had a few knocked bars. With that said, Rocky ran fast and furious and got more than his share of applause at the finish line. Our last run on Sunday was his JWW run and it was in the main ring that was to be used for the final round. The bright lights and cameras and the crowd were there. So, that was Rocky and my pretend finals, and it was a blast. We ran clean and fast, got cheers from the crowd, got our hugs and congratulations from the spectators and got our ribbon!

Rocky and I are back in IL. We came home to no power and trees down in the front yard. This was my first venture at a national/international event, I ended up with 1 clean run, a qualifying ribbon and a picture that proves that we were there! It was a great experience that I will always remember."

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